Jul. 12, 2014

Hot Topic - Mug-Shot Abuse

Google - Yahoo - Bling - Web Search ETC. Whom will follow our request next?
Note: Only Google has removed my Mug Shot as per this Post.
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Hot Topic - Mug-Shot Abuse

Federal lawsuit over three Ohio mugshots has resulted in a settlement with the owner of two major mugshot websites.
The settlement between the parties was signed by a federal judge in late December. It calls for Citizens Information Associates LLC (the corporate owner of Busted Mugshots.com and Mugshots Online.com) to pay $7,500 and remove the offending mugshots for free, a lawyer for the company told The Plain Dealer.
This lawsuit is one of many against mugshot sites around the country See DETAILS AT:

The lawsuit was one of several filed across the country involving the web sites and their use of the photos. Others have been filed in 'Florida' Perry Campanella, Illinois and Pennsylvania.

In conclusion: I ask how long will it take to Remove my Mug shot from all Search and Websites on the Internet and shouldn't the Mug-Shots be held till after a Court Decision is final.

Personally I closed my Company - This led to Jobs Lost over all this injustice.
What will you do, should someone falsely accuses YOU and whom will HELP!

Here is the thing - This cost money for a small VOICE to ask for HELP and so for
me to continue my 'Fight' against NO Legislature - Bill, and then I must humbly
for SUPPORT from anyone whom feels strong enough to Fight - "Through Me" By a SUPPORT DONATION - Today at: http://www.supportnewbookauthors.myevent.com/?1373552920

"No Charge" Do Not Click On - MugShot save your money! Caution! - No Police Record since 1989

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